Now is the perfect time to update your home or business' look with fresh design elements and wooden décor. Whether you are going for a modern look or a more traditional feel, when you add custom, handcrafted wooden pieces, you'll elevate your space's style. These design elements also make for a great conversation piece. We're showcasing some unique wooden décor ideas from Oshkosh Designs, so you can envision how they will look in your space.

Fireplace Surround

Cozying up around a fire this fall and winter will be even better with a wood fireplace surround. Adding this unique element to a more traditional great room or business waiting room will result in captivated guests and customers. A fireplace border from Oshkosh Designs can be prefinished and customized to your living space dimensions for the perfect fit. This wooden accent is expertly handcrafted to meet your style preferences and can be personalized with a specific wood, stone or glass to bring the outdoor elements in.

195 Basketweave Parquet | Wood FlooringParquet Flooring

This timeless floor technique dates back to the 17th century, and is sure to elevate your home or business. The unique patterns and high level of customization makes parquet flooring from Oshkosh Designs truly one-of-a-kind. Derived of hardwood, you can customize your flooring by wood species, dimensions and thickness with orders from Oshkosh Designs.


Wood Accent WallA Wooden Accent Wall

Add a wooden accent wall to your home or business for a captivating focal point in any room. This unique wooden décor addition comes in a variety of wood species and designs, making each one customizable to your space. Try adding this to a room, accent wall or fireplace mantle for a unique look sure to impress.


4322 Soaring Eagle Wood Medallion | Floor Medallion

Custom Inlays

Adorn your home or business with a custom wooden inlay. Feature a unique design, family crest or company logo to highlight your heritage or signature style. Oshkosh Designs allows you to create signature wood and stone pieces by offering fully customizable designs.



Home FurnitureHardwood Headboard with Metal Accents

Wooden accent pieces aren't just for your floors or walls anymore!  Oshkosh Designs proudly creates handcrafted furniture. Browse our solid hardwood headboards, room dividers and even chess/checker boards. These one of a kind pieces will bring natural warmth and sophisticated style to any room!


kitchen-2Kitchen Accessories

Whether you love to cook or entertain, or you are looking for the perfect gift, our kitchen accessories are perfect! We offer handcrafted cutting boards, cheese servers, coaster sets, serving platters and wine bottle holders, sure to be loved by all. Our artisans' distinct style and designs are evident in every handcrafted kitchen accessory that comes from Oshkosh Designs. Find the perfect gift for yourself or someone else at Oshkosh Designs!

Inspired to add wooden décor or a wood accent to your home or business? Oshkosh Designs offers a wide-range of handcrafted, customized products to fit any style. Contact us today for a quote or visit our Pinterest page for more captivating home ideas with wood!