Floor Borders

Floor borders add interest to a room, creating visual flow and by suggesting movement from one space to the next. Border designs are also used regularly to accentuate elements within the space. Add a stone or wood floor border to a room to highlight a specific section you’d like to bring attention to or to make more memorable. Additionally, floor border designs can be used as transitional tools, visually separating two areas.

Enhance your floor with a wood or stone tile border from Oshkosh Designs. Make your floor border unique to your space by personalizing the pattern, size, or materials. Our experts are here to guide you and help you find the best fit. Contact our designers for more information or view our floor border gallery for more inspiration!


Customize any of the wood medallions, borders, or corners designed and manufactured by Oshkosh Designs by selecting the perfect design, wood substitutions, dimensions, and overall thickness for your space. See our wood species list. Prices will vary, so please contact us via Live Chat or call our customer service team at 920-582-9977 with questions or to place your order.

Looking for an Installer?

The National Wood Flooring Association has a database of certified professional installers who can help.

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