Laser Cut and Engraved, Eagle Wood MedallionMade in the USA

Beautifully Handcrafted Artisan Parquet, Medallions, Walls, and Home Décor

We are proud of our American roots, proud to be in homes around the globe for more than two decades, and proud of our commitment to American-made craftsmanship. As an international company, we deliver our artisan workmanship to the world with American-made materials 100% manufactured from our facility in the small town of Winneconne, Wisconsin.

Woodworking was introduced in Wisconsin by European immigrants in the 19th century. At Oshkosh Designs, we feel a responsibility to keep Wisconsin’s rich wood-working traditions alive. We distinctive design elements for new construction, remodel, and restoration projects. Furthermore, it is our privilege to bring you quality flooring, wall accents and home décor that will add pleasure to your life and enduring value to your home or business.

For more than 20 years, hardwood artisans at our Winneconne, Wisconsin design and manufacturing center have created parquet, medallions, inlays, and borders for residential and commercial spaces. We also offer unique wooden wall accents, backsplashes, room dividers, and wall art, as well as home décor products. Our goal is to create natural beauty by design.

Artisan Handcrafted, Kingscote Wood MedallionWe blend the traditional art of handcrafted woodworking with precision laser and waterjet technology. As a result, this mix of time-honored practices and modern equipment allows us to create beautiful, durable products that will surpass your expectations. Our American-made flooring, wall paneling, and home décor products combine natural hardwoods, stone, marble, leather, stone, and metals. This allows our artisans to create an endless mix of eclectic designs that span classic and contemporary styles.

Having been located in and around Oshkosh since 1991, we are now located in Winneconne, Wisconsin. Please visit us if you're ever in the area! When you choose to work with Oshkosh Designs, you can select from one of our designs or work with our craftsmen to customize any product for your home or commercial space.

Quick Turnaround on Your Order

Our Wisconsin facility and just-in-time manufacturing process also mean we offer a quick turnaround on custom orders. Similarly, with an on-site inventory of our designs, some orders can even ship the same day you order! When you choose Oshkosh Designs, you get the best of both worlds: quality inlay products made in the USA by Wisconsin hardwood artisans and delivered to you when you need it.

Contact Oshkosh Designs today for more information on our commitment to quality, made in the USA products!