Winding Trail Parquet – HickoryWhether your business is conducting a remodel or moving into a new location, the commercial flooring you choose can make or break the space. Oshkosh Designs has put together this useful guide to help you choose the right floor for your business. While we are partial to our wood and stone floor options, we understand that there may be questions along the way as you make the right choice for your business. Contact us with any questions about your commercial space, our business or for more information on our commercial flooring options!

First: Consider Your Style & Needs

Before looking at commercial flooring materials, it’s important to have a good understanding of your business's needs and style. There are a number of important questions to ask yourself even before weighing the pros and cons of different flooring materials.

  • What impression are you hoping to create with your commercial space? If you're looking to impress your clientele, the right flooring can make all the difference.
  • Is durability or elegance a priority?
  • Will you have heavy foot traffic?
  • Will you need to frequently clean the floors?
  • How level is your floor currently?
  • What is your subfloor made of? Is it concrete? Plywood? This can impact the finished products and should factor into your flooring choice.
  • What is your climate like? Lots of rainy days? Snow and ice an issue outside?
  • What is your budget?
  • Where is this flooring being installed? Above and below grade surfaces have different flooring requirements.
  • How active is your HVAC system? Do you maintain moisture levels indoors? These can both impact the stability and movement of your floors.

Asking yourself these questions first gives you a clear direction with which to start your search for the right flooring options for your business.

Next: Consider the Options

There are a wide variety of flooring options available for your business, and each one has advantages and disadvantages depending on your unique needs. Review these popular floor varieties to get started:


For a classic look that never goes out of style, wood flooring is the best commercial flooring option. Easy to clean and durable, with the right finish wood floors can last a long time and provide an elevated interior look for many different types of businesses. Working with high quality materials and an experienced installation team is your best bet for a successful end product. The team at Oshkosh Designs knows wood flooring; use our expertise to your benefit! Hardwood flooring can be vulnerable to moisture and humidity, as well as dents and scratches. Therefore, it's important to talk to a professional (like us!) to determine how to customize your floor for your business. There are some customization options such as wood species, type of subflooring material, location of installation and finishing options that should be tailored to your space to make your commercial wood floor even more resilient and beautiful!

Wood floor medallions are an excellent option for commercial spaces, as they allow you to bring your sense of style and design to any room (on floors or walls!), just imagine the possibilities of getting your brand's logo embedded into the floor of your space, talk about a statement piece!


Tiles are a unique option with plenty of styles and colors to choose from. Additionally, another large advantage of tile is its durability and stain resistance. Tiles can be used for high-traffic areas, but may not be comfortable for employees or customers standing for long periods. Tile floors will do nothing to dampen sounds in a business, which can be problematic in noisy environments. Chipped or cracked tiles can also lead to expensive repairs. If choosing tiling for your floor, check the tile’s Porcelain and Enamel Institute’s (PEI) rating to ensure your pick can stand up to abrasion.

If you love the look of tile, but are worried about all the drawbacks of a total tile floor, a stone medallion could be the perfect solution! Incorporated into your flooring as a focal point, you can choose a more fitting flooring option and incorporate the design and look of tile on a smaller scale for maximum impact! From corporate logos to welcome messages and anything in between, Oshkosh Designs can customize a stone floor medallion for your business!


While requiring slightly more maintenance in terms of cleaning, carpeting your business can be solid investment for certain environments. Advantages include added insulation, energy efficiency, lower noise levels and added comfort. Carpeting is not recommended for businesses with high moisture levels or for placement near high traffic doors as dampness and humidity can lead to staining and mildew. Carpeting also attracts and sustains a number of allergens and can be problematic for anyone with allergies or other respiratory conditions.


Another functional flooring choice, rubber material is durable, waterproof and easy to maintain with the added appeal of being slip-resistant and comfortable to walk on. Affordable in a variety of color and pattern options, rubber is another popular pick for high traffic areas. Rubber flooring is often considered a more expensive commercial flooring option, and it can be very slippery and dangerous when wet which may be problematic for a number of business applications.


Vinyl flooring is a low-maintenance, durable option that lasts for a long time and can be customized in a variety of different colors and designs. For a business with high foot traffic and the potential for dents and scratches, vinyl can be a sound investment. Vinyl flooring can contain PVC, sometimes considered a health and environmental hazard in both the production and disposal stages. Vinyl flooring can also be incredibly difficult to remove if you ever want to update your floors and probably won't give your space a wow-factor.


We may be partial to wood and stone flooring for businesses, but it's only because we've seen firsthand how a well done commercial floor can elevate a space and boost a brand's reputation. From parquet flooring to customized floor medallions, Oshkosh Designs has the experience and creativity to craft the perfect floor for your business. We'd love to talk to you about how our commercial wood and stone flooring can work your business, so please contact us today!