Environmentally FriendlyHardwood floors are a beautiful addition to any home or business. However, residential and commercial property owners should be concerned with their environmental footprint when selecting their flooring products. Here at Oshkosh Designs, we're committed to being stewards for the environment. We are proud that our design and manufacturing center in Winneconne, Wisconsin is a 100% zero waste facility. We have compiled some tips on how to ensure that you're making the environmentally friendly decision when purchasing wood flooring.

Make Sure Your Wood Flooring Product is CARB Compliant

CARB or California Air Resource Board is a clean air agency that has pioneered the way in creating a set of standards for:

  • Attaining and maintaining healthy air quality
  • Protecting the public from exposure to toxic air contaminants
  • Providing innovative approaches for complying with air pollution rules

Currently, California is the only US state that funds this regulatory agency, but other states uphold their widely accepted standards as well. Purchasing your wood products from a CARB compliant business ensures that there was minimal impact on the air quality during the manufacturing process. Oshkosh Designs is CARB compliant and is honored to provide a great quality wood product to our customers.

Recycle Your Outdated Wood Flooring

When you're looking to replace existing wood floors that cannot be refinished with something new, recycle the old materials. The National Wood Flooring Association suggests burning the material for fuel or repurposing it into something new. Oshkosh Designs partakes in recycling leftover materials from the manufacturing process. For example, we donate our sawdust to local farmers.

Choose Natural Hardwoods

When investing in hardwood flooring, you are already being environmentally friendly! In comparison to other flooring materials such as laminate or tile, wood uses less water and energy. Additionally, the lifespan of wood floors is far greater than its counterparts, built to last for hundreds of years. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air quality is better with wood flooring. You are creating a healthy environment for those that live and work in your home or business when you choose natural hardwoods.

Purchase FSC Certified Materials

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organization that is committed to defining best practices for forestry. Businesses that use FSC certified suppliers ensure that their wood is environmentally conscious from start to finish. This includes the process of harvesting, manufacturing and installing wood floors. Oshkosh Designs is proud to use FSC certified suppliers during our manufacturing process, ensuring that our customers receive a quality, environmentally friendly, handcrafted wood product.

Are you looking to invest in wood flooring while still being environmentally friendly? Oshkosh Designs is delighted to take a holistic approach to its environmental stewardship. View our Environmental Commitment and contact us today to select a hardwood flooring design that is perfect for your style and space!