Hardwood Floor Care and Maintenance GuideAs experts in the hardwood flooring industry, our team at Oshkosh Designs often fields questions about the care and maintenance of hardwood floors. Since 1991, we have been synonymous with high-quality hardwood flooring. It is our mission to educate all of our customers in how to best care for their floor investment so that our handcrafted products last a lifetime.

General Cleaning Tips

Your natural hardwood floor requires some basic care and with the right knowledge and products, you'll be able to maintain your investment for long lasting durability and beauty. Keep these tips in mind when cleansing your floors.

  • Clean all spills immediately and protect your wood floor from excessive water exposure.
  • Sweep or vacuum your wooden floors regularly. Before vacuuming, inspect your vacuum's wheels for abrasives that could scratch or damage your floor.
  • Never use wax or oil based cleaners or any other general household cleanser on your wood floor. Products containing citrus, tung oil, ammonia, vinegar or silicon can be especially damaging.
  • Avoid pouring cleaner or other liquids directly onto your flooring.
  • Never use steam cleaners or steam mops. Water and steam can dull your floor's finish and potentially damage the wood.
  • When using a mop, be sure that no excess water is left behind.

Advice for Long Lasting Protection

When regularly cleaned, hardwood floors can stay beautiful throughout the years. To protect your flooring further, follow these suggestions from the expert craftsmen at Oshkosh Designs:

  • Moisture levels need to be controlled, keep the relative humidity in your home between 30-40%.
  • Maintain an interior temperature between 60-80 ˚F (15.5-26.6 ˚C) throughout the year.
  • While natural changes in color are to be expected as hardwood ages, you should protect your floors from direct sunlight.
  • Protect the high traffic areas of your floor with rugs or mat, but take care not to purchase jute rugs or mats with rubber backs, as those materials can damage your wooden floors.
  • Keep your pet's nails trimmed and maintain a shoe-free home to prevent scratches to the hardwood.
  • Candle wax or chewing gum stuck to your wooden floor? Use an ice cube to harden the spill, then gently scrape it away.
  • Use stick-on felt pads under the legs of your furniture to prevent scratches and scuffs.

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