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Parquet FlooringHardwood flooring offers a wide range of options with numerous variables that go into its appearance. It’s natural, environmentally friendly and creates a healthy environment by eliminating allergens, but sometimes we want something different than a strip floor. That’s when a parquet floor is a perfect way to express the personality of the homeowner! Wood tiles give a very distinct and sophisticated look to a room.

Parquet floors have been around for years, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have a modern or contemporary look. Depending on the wood species and finish you choose, your floor can look very contemporary. Each wood species projects a different feel. For example: maple hardwood has a light grain and provides a contemporary look. Where red or white oak, hickory and ash show a very defined grain giving the floor a more casual appearance.

With hundreds of designs to choose from, your choices are unlimited. Parquet patterns usually run in at least two directions. This greatly lessens movement of the floor, since the wood is always expanding and contracting in two or more directions.

Another thing to consider when selecting a patterned floor is grid size. Large grids tend to make a small room appear bigger than it really is. Especially if you use one wood species on the grid. Really small grids in a single species also tend to make a small room appear bigger, whereas larger rooms can handle multiple wood species.

To accentuate the wooden floor tile pattern and individual pieces you could apply a bevel to the individual pieces, this would define the pattern even more. For a European, worldly look a parquet floor might be hand-scraped or distressed. Another option to give a contemporary look to your parquet floor would be to incorporate a copper, brass or aluminum accent to the grids. Using one of these non-ferrous metals allows you to resurface your floor when needed.

The long-term benefits of a hardwood floor will be well worth the investment you make. Contact us at Oshkosh Designs to help; you choose the perfect pattern to express your exact personality.