Did you know that Oshkosh Designs makes parquet flooring? Well, we do, and we love to show it off! All Oshkosh Designs products are produced with an artisan process. Each wood parquet floor is treated as a piece of art and meticulously hand assembled by true craftsmen with over 130 years combined service.

Parquet is usually made from wood with geometric shapes to give any space a decorative effect. Oshkosh Designs has been making parquet since we started, over 20 years ago. Geometric shapes have long been a staple in home decor, and new modern designs have made for the return of parquet. One of the most popular parquet is the herringbone pattern. Parquet flooring can be of benefit in any space for a number of reasons:

  • Easy glue or nail down installation
  • Manageable grid sizes or individual slats
  • Made with real hardwood
  • Adds a three dimensional look
  • Geometric design couples well with all design styles

We have many designs of parquet flooring that you can browse through here, or we can help customize and design idea you might have.

Parquet Collage