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Is your fireplace looking outdated or dull? An update might be in order to give your room a new look that will add personality and depth to the space. Small changes or large upgrades can significantly improve the look of your fireplace and your home or business! No matter what you're doing to your fireplace, care and upkeep or more extensive renovations, it is important to follow the manufacturer's recommendations and guidelines provided to you at installation.

Major Transformations:

Embellish your Fireplace Space - Updating the design of your fireplace can elevate your whole room's look and feel. The team at Oshkosh Designs knows firsthand how important the right craftsman and products can be in transforming your space, just look at some fireplace design projects we've taken on and the stunning results we've delivered for our clients! Listed below are our recommendations for updating your fireplace for maximum impact.

  • 3D Wood Wall Fireplace Accent 3D wood wall panels can transform not only your fireplace, but your whole room. When creating the look of a floor to ceiling hearth, our wall panels come in many different patterns and designs and are all customizable so you end up with the look and feel that's absolutely perfect for your home or business.


  • Kingscote Floor Medallion as Fireplace AccentAnother home renovation option for you is to add a floor medallion in front of your fireplace! We'll work with you to customize any of our current medallion designs to come up with the perfect complement to your home or office space. From corporate logos to sports themes, nature scenes to abstract designs, our floor medallions can tailor any room into a personalized space.


  • Fireplace Mantel with Crescent Wood BorderAdding or updating your fireplace mantel! Adding a mantel can make your fireplace look completely new. Updating your existing mantel with a new design or border is a great way to refresh the look of your space as well. By framing the area, a fireplace mantel provides a three-dimensional element with plenty of customization options to create a personalized look.


  • Estancia Wood Border Fireplace Mantle Accent Room SceneBorders are a versatile fireplace update option and can be added onto the wall, mantel, hearth or even the floor surrounding your fireplace. Depending on your fireplace’s construction, there are many different types of border materials including wood, stone, glass, tile, travertine or marble. Browse through some of our handcrafted border designs for inspiration and let us help you create the perfect complement for your fireplace!


DIY Fixes:

If you're not ready to take on a transformative fireplace update like those discussed above, there are still options for updating the look of your space on your own. Please be sure to review your manufacturers' guidelines and recommendations before taking on any DIY fireplace updates or cleaning!

  • Are you noticing discoloration from ash or dust accumulation? If you don't regularly deep-clean your fireplace it can get a worn, old appearance over time. Refresh your fireplace by sanding away crumbling mortar, scrubbing off black soot and cleaning all fireplace surfaces.
  • New paint either in the current shade or a new tone altogether can freshen things up and make your fireplace look newer and, depending on the goals for the room, even give the illusion of increased or decreased size. Make sure you apply a specially-formulated brick paint primer after cleaning the surface before you begin. Paint specially designed to withstand high heat is also necessary if you are burning real fires.
  • New accessories for your fireplace can give the space a new look without the long-term commitment. Add items to your mantel or hearth like potted plants, statues or candles. For a larger change, consider the space above the fireplace and add a flat screen TV, mirror or artwork. Seasonal décor, family heirlooms or photos, and business awards are all great options for a new look!

What are you doing to give your fireplace an update? Contact us today to speak with an expert for ideas and advice on your upgrades. We can't wait to help you give your fireplace a new look and feel with an elevated touch!