Parquet Flooring 101Dating back to the 17th century, the iconic Chateau de Versailles first adopted this flooring style to replace the hard-to-wash marble floors throughout the home. Parquet flooring gives the look of opulence and can be adorned with stone and Artizano leather for a truly distinctive look. Here are the basics on this handcrafted, timeless finish:

What is Parquet Flooring?

Known for its geometric shapes, parquet flooring is laid in an endless variety of patterned floor tiles, making each floor one of a kind. Often parquet patterns are crafted out of composite wood material derived from many different species of lumber, combined into wooden blocks, but parquet floors from Oshkosh Designs are handcrafted with natural hardwood materials. The tightness and fit of joints and overall quality of materials are just two of the benefits of hardwood over composite. With parquet flooring and all hardwood flooring, you truly get what you pay for. The material used for parquet flooring can be composed of any type of wood, giving the homeowner control of the aesthetics. At Oshkosh Designs, we craft all of our parquet flooring from select & better 5/16″ hardwood and can customize the design for your home or office.

The Benefits

The benefits of parquet flooring are endless. Here are some top highlights of adding this flooring choice to your home or business:

  • Easy to Clean: With regular cleaning and occasional maintenance, your parquet floor will be a long-lasting finish in your home.
  • Look of Luxury: At Oshkosh Designs, our parquet flooring is handcrafted, giving your space a high-end and sophisticated look and feel. Adding this style of flooring to your home captivates guests and is a great conversation piece.
  • It's Unique: This ageless flooring draws an allure to any room. During installation, parquet can be laid in any ornamentation you choose. The patterns enhance the look and feel of any commercial or residential space!
  • Customizable: A huge benefit to selecting parquet flooring from Oshkosh Designs is the degree of customization when it comes to price and appearance. The species of wood you select will affect presentation and expense. The possibilities are endless; choose from different materials, dimensions, and thickness. Once installed, each floor is unlike any other, making it a unique piece of art for your home or business.


Parquet flooring requires upkeep, just like any other finish in your residence. Remember to use non-abrasive cleaning accessories like a broom or vacuum and read the back of cleaning products before use. Parquet is laid in tile formation with an adhesive bottom, so making sure to wipe up spills in a timely fashion is key. Laying rugs with a non-rubber bottom will help prevent harsh materials from getting inside the inlays. In addition, staying away from floor waxes and steam cleaning accessories will help preserve the life of your investment.

The distinct style of parquet floors has made this flooring choice a popular design choice for homes and businesses throughout the years. Looking to add parquet flooring to your home? Oshkosh Designs offers a wide variety of custom hardwood parquet designs. Parquet patterns, flooring material, wood species, dimensions, and thickness are all customizable when you order from Oshkosh Designs. Contact our knowledgeable staff or visit our Pinterest page to get more inspiration for your home!